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    Seaslide , gain 6mph for $10

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    Haven't tried seaslide but if its a spray on type of thing like hydroslick it does work but doesn't last very long.

    Good for a couple runs and by that time its worn off.

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    My next trip to west maring, I'm getting some

    Sea-Slide is water-based, so it won’t harm your boat’s finish, and it can be easily removed during annual servicing. It is capable of lasting for up to 50,000 miles of open seas travel. Although Sea-Slide absorbs water, it will not dissolve in water. It cures on drying to a durable, hydrophilic coating, which becomes slick when in contact with water.

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    Dont judge me...
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    let us know how it worked....

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    Yea, buy some and let us know. I have looked into this stuff before but right now my ski is in the shop....

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    I tried this or something like this about four years ago on my GPR. Same principle that you brush it on, it dries but in the water it retains water, theoretically less friction and more speed. Nooooo ... not quite. I lost about 3 mph and it seemed to suck up all the sand in the area, sticking it to the coating on the hull. I had put it on my brother's bass boat too. I used all kinds of shit to take it all back off both ... not only did it not help, it slowed us down and looked like a mess since it attracted sand like a magnet.

    Just my .02 ... try it if you like, just remember to have the right stuff to scrub it off with in case you don't like it ...

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    You sure it was seaslide ? There is another product out there.

    hmmm maybe I'll try it on my rubber ducky first

    or at least the outside parts of the hull next to the rideplate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    Hey Kink, did you read this post? The source "popeye" looks like a moron. He is about to try JB Weld.

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