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    Can anyone help in finding about IC...

    Can anyone help in finding out what the max water pressure would be acceptable for the Riva intercooler?

    any tech support numbers for Vortech or links would be a big help.
    I already have a message out to Riva... Thanks...PR...

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    I sent a message to the xspower sellers and go one reply back that said 30psi was safe. I would think Riva is higher or that Xspower dealer told me low to be safe. The XSpower is supposed to have the spearco core.

    I've seen where some cores are pressure rated to 150psi. I've also seen where the spearco is pressure rated for 30psi AIR boost, so I think the reply I got back was the wrong information.

    spearco website
    Due to Spearco’s Pat. Pending manufacturing process these unique cores are capable of comfortably withstanding pressures in excess of 200+ psi.

    the thing about the waterflow in the FAQ is interesting. It says it doesn't matter.

    I'm still going to play it safe and keep the intercooler pressure to whatever the stock washer keeps the pressure to and then optimize the flow by letting the water shoot out the back like you have done.
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    Andy.... i would go straight to the source. I talked to Vortech back over the winter a few times and they were pretty helpful. I think u'll have far better luck getting info from Vortech than Riva.


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    Thanks Steve: I`m on the phone with them right now!...PR...

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    Doesn't spearco make the Riva vortec core ?

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    OK, this is the skinny from Bob:

    the cores are built and sold to Riva, Riva welds the end tanks on.
    Bob also states that the cores themselves are good for 60-70 psi water pressure. He does not know what Riva pressure tests at for max boost pressures, bc it can go either way.

    From what I gather, he said core will blow apart over 70 psi, and can rupture either way, I doubt that max boost would leak into water stream, I think it would be more likely that water woul def intrude intake tract...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    Doesn't spearco make the Riva vortec core ?
    kinch... you do know Vortech is a company that is real serious into aftermarket performance right? and everything is tagged with their brand.... no why would VORTECH buy cores from their competition, spearco??

    a vortech intercooler uses a vortech core... the riva intercooler is just 3 different vortech part numbers welded together. call Vortech direct, they'll make one for you and mail it to you, but for big $$$$ ..... sadly the whole riva kit is cheaper

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    I`m also thinking here that gauge p[lacement also plays a role in what pressures your reading, ei: I have the gauge right into a "T" itting directly at the inlet port to the IC, so the rushing water is hitting a wall of core as it enters the IC, so I think there will be highest pressures read there.

    at least it will blow out the damn eel grass!!!...PR...

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    Steve, Jer, Kinch: This is what I did to reduce some of the pressure was to create a jet with a smaller orfice, here is a pic of it installed in the anodized fitting...PR...

    and BTW the entry is chamfered! it is now a tad less than 9mm...We`ll see if this works out to reduce pressure from 57 psi...
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    IF your worried about water preasure drill out the exit of the IC and increase the size and fittings on the 'J' pipe exit..... Mine broke the IC in the middle of the weld leaking water in the hull. The surge is the problem not nessarily the preasure. I'll bet the spikes are 20-30 percent higher that the act. preasure. And the spikes get trapped in the IC.

    Although this may be my riding style causing this... I rarely back off the throttle in waves 2' or under. But when it gets back in the water at 8800 it pulls real hard.

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