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    115 degrees=70MPH NO HEAT FADE AT ALL!!

    Well it was the heat index but Hey??
    Water tepm was 87 degrees, and air was at 100 I believe.
    Last run with the new IC was 69mph with 90 degrees air and 84 degree water with around 50% humidity.

    But I thought after the IC install I lost bottom end and midrange pull.
    Hulk thought the seal on the old IC was the culprit so I removed the gasket that I made, and blasted the plug to get a rough surface. I then sanded the intake a little and used "The Right Stuff" all the way around the plug.
    It sat for 4 days before riding.

    I then ceramic coated my PPG exhaust pipe then wrapped it with the header wrap from Advance Auto Parts, then covered the whole thing in aluminum tape.

    So now on the hottest weekend of the year I manage to run 70mph on 1 pass with no chop just a lot of boat wakes.

    But the ski still does not pull as hard as it did with out the IC.
    Is there any chance the prop needs more pitch since the IC install?
    It is the PPG 15/20 and it is turning 8100rpm's.

    I was able to turn 8100 from my first pass to the last I never saw a loss of rpm's due to heat fade.

    I believe I should have a lot better acceleration and top speed is maybe 1-2 mph to slow for the weather do this sound correct??

    Doing the ceramics and coating is defiantly the way to go when they are done correctly. I have coated lots of pistons and pipes for years and I swear by the stuff.

    I found these wraps about 20 years ago and they are just now really catching on but hey now is better than never??

    Thanks for your Thoughts!!


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    Where did you order the ceramic coating ?

    I believe you need a repitch.

    Is this a RXP or RXT ?

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    when i talked to RIVA and told them I wanted sick acceleration and didn't mind losing top speed they told me to keep the solas 14/19 with the stage 2 instead of getting the 15/20...... so maybe with that pitch it hurts your low-mid range.... but helps your top end.... good luck!

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    Tech Line sells the stuff, they have a newer version of what I used that is black, if I were going to do it again I would use that I just had the other laying around.

    Just strip the parts with a chemical stripper, clean that and blast with an aluminum oxide.

    Clean again with solvant, and paint the part with a small touch up sprayer, or air brush.

    They trick is to be really clean.

    Bake it in the oven, and buff with steel wool, and you are done.

    I have never had a bad odor from the oven but I do clean run a clean cycle when I am finished.

    I will check on a prop pitch tomorrow.


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    I think this is it

    Can this stuff be used below ? It says requires no baking.


    Extreme temperature exhaust system coating.
    Available in several colors (see below)
    Reduces underhood temperatures, reduces exhaust manifold surface temperatures
    Improve exhaust gas velocity, increase H.P.
    Air drying, requires no baking
    Coverage: See above

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    I suppose, I did not know it did not need baking.
    I might do the CBC2 and then go over it with that stuff.

    Also you can look into Jet Hot, theirs comes out shinny and can do colors as well.


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