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    80 Mph Comparison....

    Hi to everyone,

    Never been on the yamaha side, but i was wondering

    How much money do it cost to go 80 MPH on a GP? Include just parts (performance and handling) and service: like porting, NO installation charges.

    And is there a big price difference between making a GP with carbs go 80 compared to a fuel injected one?

    Thanks Guys

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    80 mph

    Hey I am going to send you a PM, there are some new rules on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedaddict
    Ahh yes, speed beat me to that tread, that was a good tread. Here is another good tread if you want to know what It will take to make a EFI GPR get to 75-76 without porting.
    Good luck

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    lots of 80mph boats out there now

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