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    20.3 hours........................

    .........And I lost the supercharger today I just got my new GPS and was checking out the top speed and stuff. I was a bit dissapointed because the boat would only GPS about 67 mph with a full tank,and it didn't feel like it had the "punch" it normally does......I was going WFO, lifted off the throttle to set the boat in a tight left hander,pinned the throttle again and realized the boat was "nosing over"(no power)and was only pulling about 7500 rpms........ So I let out of the throttle again and slowed down.....checked for any lights or buzzers(none on!).......Thought the engine sounded a bit different........started to head back to the dock(about 3 miles away)at part throttle, and I heard this funny whining/screaching sound for about 2 minutes. Then all of a sudden the engine got REAL quiet so I pinned the throttle and she would only pull about 5500-6000 RPMs...........very boost.
    I will call the dealer in the AM to see when they want it

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    man that sucks i just got 10.5 hrs on my ski and was ready to come up there and check urs out. i think im going to take it to rpm for the service. i was up in mansfield last nite for the mid ohio bike stuff and was walking around on park ave. and stumbled across it. man u should have been on park ave. about 9 pm to 2 am it was a mad house people all over cars doin burnouts and bikes doin stunts it was fun as hell.

  3. #3 can get a bit wild up there sometimes
    Glad ya found RPM. Dave prolly ain't gonna be to happy to hear from me.
    Last time I talked to him,they were three weeks out on service work

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