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    So I get a phone call......

    It's my sister and she is trying to help some guy on Fire Island with a GTX that is starting to go under.

    What should he do she asks.....

    Ask him if the plugs are in......

    He doesn't know what those are..

    They're in the back of the hull.....

    Ok he found them should he screw them in........

    Now he just has to hope there isn't too much water in there.... lol

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    HAHAHAHA... and if it wont start or they get stuck on fire island, lotsa luck gettin it fixed out there... gonna be a nice towing bill back to the main land

    must be an older GTX without the check valve balls inside the drain plugs... i've left my drain plugs out for hours (even days ) and never took on water with these newer drain plugs seadoo uses.

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    I left mine out for 2 days memorial day. Had it sitting in a slip overnight for the 2nd day. Went to start my ski in the morning and water starting shooting like 2 feet out of my ski from my thru hull.

    I was like cool my bilge works. Didn't sink the ski just put a couple inches in the hull. I like the check valves. You can get them from if you don't have them.

    Any negatives on using the duck bills drains ?

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