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    Flipped RXP, now what

    Had the wife on the back, we were going about 5 MPH and turning around, fipped the boat completely over.

    Need some advice on what else I can do:

    1. Flipped it back over
    2. lifted the seat off, (which weighs considerably more with water in it). everything looked good.
    3. It started like a champ
    4. Ran it back to the dock, dropped the wife off, took it out to solo, it was a littel choppy so I couldnt get it up to high speeds, but it seemed to go as fast as I could without any problems.
    5. Brought it in, trailered it, started the engine, gave it 2 revs to remove any water.
    6. Opened the drainage valves in the back for the ride home.
    7. Got it home, tilted the boat up so about quart of water came out.
    8. Removed the seat so the engine and seat could dry out.

    Anything else I should do, or need to check. Seems to be running fine, but I was $hitting bricks when it flipped.

    Thanks for any advice

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    You had to be going faster than 5mph! or exceeded the Weight limit of the RXP to flip it

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    I'm sure it was weight limit, Im about 6'5 and 250, shes about 5'10 and 140.

    any advice on the boat?

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    Well I did the same thing yesterday, mine was flipped! I put it on the trailer and waited 15 mins for a the water to drain out! Hopefully I will take it out for a test run later this week! If anything happen, which I doubt it did I can take it to the dealership because its under warranty if anything happened!

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    well if it's salt water you better flush the whole compartment out real good

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    I would highly recommend you spray down the engine compartment with SeaDoo lube or an equivalent,(wd-40) to be on the safe side.

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    It was fresh water, not salt.


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    A little bit off topic here, but:

    I was told that if I rolled over my RXP I shouldnt start it up, I have to take it to the dealership to have them service it? He said its not like the 2-stokes that you can roll back over and go on...?

    Also after you trailor the ski, I didnt think you had revv it to remove all the water like you do with a 2-stoke...I was also told by the same person not to start the ski out of the water-which makes sense to me because of the cooling system.

    Sorry again for getting off topic, but reading through your procedure it make me think.


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    I just got finished lubing everything up inside! I will take it for a test run tmw to see how it does! If issues arise its going straight to the dealership! I now have 30.1 hrs on it!

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    Seriously concerned? I've flipped mine a half dozen times and it's always when running 5mph or less. It's always when you do a fast, decellerating turn/stop and then the water catches up and when you turn out of it the same direction you spun it the water washes up over and if you're sitting straight up or leaning slightly to the opposite side your turning it catches you and dumps you. Sometimes I've hung on a little too long and tipped her completely over. I just flip her back over and start her up and no problems. Of course I've never had a lot of water get inside from this either. As long as you're not towing it upside down for a I missing something with this concern? PWC's flip a lot...?

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