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    Ski wont start--RXP


    My bro and dad just called me saying the rxp would not crank over...they said it would beep twice and then when they tryed to hit the ignition would start to click like click click...break for half click..break...ect.....dead battery?

    The ski has ~15 hours on her. It was stored with key off igintion so i dont know how the battery could die that fast..

    damn i wanted to ride tomarrow early morning too

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    Dead battery....with most PWC you have to put a charger on the battery at least once a week (Battery Tender is a good one). The electronics are always drawing juice even with the lanyard removed and everything apparently shut down.


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    k thats what i thoguht...Can i get one from walmart or sears or something like that? What should i look for when i go get one? Can i have it running by tomarrow?

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    Be sure to purchase an *automatic* battery tender-- one that will monitor the battery , turn itself on and off and thus not overcharge (and ruin!!) your battery.

    Sears, most auto parts stores should have one. Wal Mart may.

    I used one that I mounted inside my boat. I then only had to just plug it into the AC once in the garrage.

    So far-- after two seasons-- I havent had a need for one on the Doos....yet.....We ride at minimum at day out of every 10 days or so.

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    Read my sticky

    I got my battery trickle maintenance charger from harbor freight tools... less than $ 15.00 shipped to my door.

    You can buy the Battery Tender Here too !!


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    i have never had a problem with leaving my ski parked for a few weeks up to a month and it not starting, i would check and make sure the battery level is full and check the connections of the + and -, maybe take them off and make sure they are clean and tight

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    With a weak or dead bat would you not get a P0562 fault code (batt voltage too low)

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    make sure the negative is on pretty good before you look at another battery

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    Yeah i wasnt out there so im not sure if its throwin codes they are almost home and ill do some investigating

    Thanks for all the links and threads guys!

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    if all ur getting is click click click... i'm 99% sure thats ur problem and might even put money on it (and i'm a cheap bastard ) ... but then again there's still that other 1%

    what year model RXP? most frequently they go out on the 04 skis
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