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    holeshot bogging

    I have a 2001 GP1200R with a few minor engine mods, flame arrestors, D-Plate and cat clip, wave-eater clips and a holeshot kit. I also have sealed the pump and changed out the impeller. At the end of last season the oil line on number 3 failed and seized. I rebuilt the top end during the winter, switched to pre-mix and sent the Carbs to Carl at island racing.

    After 10 hours of so of careful break in I have begun to turn the ski loose. I change out the plugs(BR8ES-11) and gone to 40:1 mix with AMS interceptor and running shell premium gas.

    The issue is the hole shot, the ski bogs down and the engine sputters from around 2K rpm till about 4K rpms, at which point it will either stall like itís getting to much fuel or finally take of and run great. Thos only occurs if you hit the throttle hard from a slow pace, if you slowly feather the throttle it does not happen as often. It seems to occur when the ski is just started after resting as well as after riding the hell out of it. The ski runs great in all other aspects good top end not issues at all other than the hole shot from a stand still or a 1-2 mph idle. I can find no exhaust leaks or issues with gaskets etc. I donít know much about tuning carbs thatís why I left it to Carl. Is it getting to much fuel from the low speed idle?

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    I recently had my carbs rebuilt by Carl and know it's running rich on the low end. It smokes pretty good while idling and I can smell the gas out the exhaust. Did you get t-handles installed? You may want to check where they're set. I do have a slight bog from idle to WOT, but nothing as bad as yours. Maybe this will help.

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    No One has any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dewzee1200 View Post
    No One has any suggestions?
    Try to adjust your low speed needle setting "In" 1/8 a turn...this will help lean your low end and maybe clear it up......
    Easy test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dewzee1200 View Post
    No One has any suggestions?
    I guess after 10 years someone would answer... LOL

    If you are looking for a answer you should start a current thread,stating your problem.

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