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Thread: After The Sale

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    After The Sale

    After selling my 02 GPR to a guy and his son on Thursday I get a call on Friday. "We didn't know that this thing was premix." His son was 18 and wanted the Waverunner real bad. When they first came to look at it I explaind everything. I told them this is a highly modified craft and tried to discourage them from buying it because the kid is going to run the hell out of it. I have this feeling they think I'm going to be their personal mechanic.

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    I know what you mean. I was going to sell my 200 Ultra to a friend but then realized I would never actually be getting rid of the ski. Everytime something needs attention, it would be as you say "there personal mechanic".
    Its a hard situation, you sell the ski that you put a lot of work into, you want it to work for them but being modified, you know its going to have issues now and then.
    Maybe say, I'll give you help with the ski for say 2 hrs running time (enough time for them to see it works) but beyond that, your on your own because its a modded ski.
    Now I'm not saying a warrantie for 2 hrs (cause they could easily break it in 2 hrs) but just answer operation questions.
    You would have to have that in writing too. When you expalined it to them, they may have heard you, but does not mean they were listening. All they say was a shiny ski.
    Good luck.

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    I know what you mean. I sold my race ski to a teammate. He paid and picked it up two weeks later. I let the ski go for 1/2 of what it was worth and told him to look it over. A month later he told me that the prop looked like rock went through it and the battery had died and that I owed him for both. To me.. it was sold as is and I know no rocks ever got close to the ski. I, along with my tuner went over it before he came to pick it up. Lesson learned, never sell anything to a friend, it'll come back to haunt you!

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    When I sold my modded 94 SPI to a guy that answered my ad,we went to the lake before the sale and I let him test ride it and go over it with a fine-toothed comb. I explained all the modifications,( to the best of my limited ability,lol),and told him it would be fickle at times due to the mods,showed him how to adjust the carbs,etc.He got a great deal,and I've never heard from him since...............wonder if it's still running?

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