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    Trouble with Riva SC plactic hoses

    I'm having alot of trouble keeping the boost hoses connected.. i tighten each hose clamp everytime tight but one seems to come loose everytime.
    Are their any tricks to keeping these hoses attached?
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    Pull in the IC and make sure it hasn't shifted back on the bracket. I had the same problem then yanked on it and it came up just enough to get a better bite with the clamps. Then tighten those SOB's down real good!!
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    get a piece of 2 1/2" exhaust tubing and cut four 1 inch long rings. Drill 2 1/4 inch holes in the middle of the rings roughly 180 degrees apart or straight across from each other. Heat the tubes with a heat gun enough to be able to slide the rings inside. put them in so they are recessed in about an 1/8 of an inch to avoid the metal rubbing on the aluminum.
    This will keep the tubes from crushing when you tighten the clamps and they get hot. The holes keep the rings from moving is all.
    It is the next best thing to getting all metal tubes.

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