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    For those running 4" intake. What to do with the breather

    I just finished installing my 4" intake and put a small filter in the breather hose. Can I do that? I am waiting on my catch can? Also some smoke is coming out of that hose when it is not connected to the intake? Normal?

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    Hecyan: You can run it like that for now, but you should try to make the breather line as long as possible and have the breather as high as possible. Try routing it to the very top,front of the ski. (or somewhere up high under the glove box). This way the air will escape, but the oil will never make it out.


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    I would just let it run into the hull. You don't want to block up that hose if the breather gets all oiled up. Then just salt-away the hull ,open up the holes in the back and tilt the ski.

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