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    My crankcase breather, 1st one left me stranded

    1st one I mounted sidewase/tilted because I was in a hurry.
    The oil clogged the vent and it started blowing out oil(couple cups).
    I ended up getting stranded and could only go 5mph/ 3500rpm.

    I installed the 2nd one and it fixed my problem (didn't know it was the crankcase). I'm leaving the vent off this time.

    I got all the pieces at lowes. It's a 3/4 grey pvc with a bend. The white part is a 1 1/4 inch pipe coupler. Then I cut the top off a spray bottle and glued it into the coupler.
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    Is there are reason I would need a breather on the top.
    Does the crankcase put out like explosive fumes or something.
    I kind of like the idea of having an open top so I know it won't clog up.

    I think I'm going to drill holes in the top of the catch cup too just in case it fills up it can overflow instead of clogging the breather.

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    Is there any reason you can not extend the hose so that it puts the new vent up by the battery?
    There is a lot of room and empty space up there?


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    I have an RXT didn't see room over there but I'll look.

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