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    2004 Polaris Virage rollover

    Is it just me or has anyone else had problems with their Virage rolling over? It just doesn't seem to be stable and usually rolls over if I'm making a slow speed turn or just sitting and a small wave hits it from the side. I've owned and ridden different brands of PWC and never had this happen. My kids tell me that it's just the operator , but it's getting annoying. Is it just the hull design? Is there a secret to minimize this from happening? Needless to say it's easy enough to flip back over and crawl back on, but I don't like dangling in waters with sharks. Anyway my confidence in this PWC is not what it should be.

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    Which model Virage is this?
    Virage, Virage i, Virage TX, Virage TXi

    My own Virage TXi (I have had two) is quite stable in the water, and I have never rolled it over.

    At speed, does your Virage handle and steer properly, and the same, when turning left ord right?
    Nothing loose or damaged at the rear of the jet pump?

    With any PWC, there is an element of active riding, especially at low speeds. If you feel it rolling, steer straight ahead, and squeeze the throttle. The more power you apply (while steering straight), the faster it will re-level.

    You may find it easier to maintain the ski balance when you are standing up, rather than sitting. And pointing into the waves also improves stability.

    What other PWC models are you comparing it with?

    How much total rider+passenger weight are we talking about?

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