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    VX110 engine missing

    Took my 2005 VX110 to dealer because it felt like it was only running on 3 out of 4 cylinders (only 12 hours on the machine). Of course they could not duplicate problem. Brought my ski home to find problem still exsisited. I removed all four sparkplugs (CR9EB) and found one bad. After I replaced it, machine ran well for another 12 hours and am now running into the same problem. Anybody else have this problem or can suggest a fix?

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    have yami, look at the bad plug. thell them to fix it. don't let them just replace the plugs either.

    pull the bad plug, put a new plug in the wire, and ground it, see if there is spark?

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    vx110 has stick coils,if under warranty have them replace that coil allso with machine running & problem happening push and hold reset button what code did you get 01 must be down stream of sensor OR have you over fill oil?

    later cd

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    Checked my oil... very high...pulled out 1 & 1/4 quarts. It ran ruff initially and then the 4th cylinder kicked in and then ran normally for about a 45 minute ride. Hope the high oil was the problem.. time will tell.

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