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    06 RXP vs 06 GP1300R ?

    Just wanted to know who would win this race, i have an 06 RXP (stock) ,my buddy just bought and 06 GP1300R. Who would win! and by how much, and whats the top speed difference, who would win if we went from like a 40-50mph roll. Would i still pull away. Im pretty sure i know the answer to this question but i want to here it forsure. Cause i am putting my STG I one soon and he will be putting a STG II on, i think it would be a good race then or no?

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    Nobody thats odd!

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    race him and see

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    both bikes stock spec = RXP 68 GP1300R =65 RXP like a bullet.

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    I think if you race from a dig you'll wipe the floor with him...If you race from mid range he will hang much closer than you will be happy with...Ultimately you will pull away but I think the 05-06's run in the 66+ range and the RXP's should be 68ish all day long unless your wear ring is bad, etc...

    But very minimal mods will make him faster than your stock ski if you're not careful...It's actually very simple to make the 05-06 GPR's run right in the 70-72 range and handle the rough stuff much better than your RXP...

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    If you can ride, you will win no contest.

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    Oh i can ride , and my best for my machine this year is 71mph, but and average of 70.6mph, i will let you guys know the outcome!

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    No contest from zero or from any other speed...RXP all the way, stock for stock.


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    stock 4 stock RXP hands down and a stgI RXP and a stgII gpr will be very close

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    He did get the 1300? That s.o.b. He lied to us.

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