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    Supercharger Slippage

    I am getting a maximum of 7950 RPM. I live in South Florida and it is usually hot and humid here. However, I don't feel my ski is running to its maximum potential. I have the following mods:

    New Solas 14/19 (no mods)
    Riva Power Filter
    Riva Grate
    Free Flow Exhaust
    Ride plate holes filled
    New stock wear ring

    Should I be checking the supercharger slippage at this point? How do you check it / adjust it?

    Am I getting the correct RPM?

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    I live in south florida too. I ride in the stadium and the keys. 7950 was the rpm I was seing in my stage II RXP. Max speed 73.9. I did a repitch to my 15/20 , took the cone out and now I am turning 8150 at 75.2mph.
    Any help let me know

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    Same problem yesterday

    The RPM's are most of your problem, You need to have the Prop tweaked a bit to get your RPM's right.
    Your clutch could be slipping but you must take your supercharger off and do a slip moment test to really find out.
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    Supercharger Slippage

    Can someone tell me how to test the slippage?

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    Slip Moment test

    First you'll need to get the super charger off (3 small bolts) Once you have it off you'll have to hold the gear(wrench or tool made just for this)then with a torque wrench turn the nut at the end of the shaft with the torch wrench on the highest setting(it should slip)then turn to the lowest setting and repeat( if the clutch isn't slipping at that point it will click) repeat going up in pressure 1 pound at a time till you get your slip moment

    I advise you by a service manual for finer directions,it helps!!

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    i dont think it's necceasry u check your SC... at 7950 RPms it's not slipping... it's that prop in that humididty and in that heat.

    secondly... u dont need to remove the SC to check slippage... you just need to stop the engine from turning. broom stick in the pump, or remove the valve cover and you can lock the cam with a special tool or a screwdriver

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    Your supercharger is not slipping.

    You need a prop pitch and a new wear ring wouldn't hurt.

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