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    New Posts in Sea Doo or Yamaha Forums

    Notice at the top of the screen I have added 2 links to help you find new posts that you want to read. New Posts will get all forums, the other 2 links exclude forums not related.

    New Posts
    Yamaha New Posts
    Sea Doo New Posts

    We also have a portal.

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    Mike, would it be possible to add these 3 links on the portal view in the User CP section? I like seeing th enumber of new posts before I click it. If I don't have enough time, I wait based upon the number. I know, I am getting picky.

    By the way, nice seemless transition.

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    Red face Seperate For Sale Pages?

    Is there any possibility of having the Yamaha and Doo parts seperated in using two For Sale sections? What is the benefit of one? There is a lot more Doo stuff to clutter up the page.

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    i think we would all agree we want to AVOID this site turning into a highly categorized mess with endless subforums like this: ... now that's clutter on the page.

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