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    61.9 yesterday,74.4 today** Thx Jerry

    As we talked about yesterday, For the readers I'll start over. I have a 2006 RXP with riva stage II, Modified Reverse bucket.
    I've been having problems with lack of RPM and top speed since day one, more recently my boat had seemed to loose even more power,so I Ran with a GPS and 61.9 MPH on perfect smooth early day.
    I joined the forum and jerry gave me a couple things to check;
    1) Pull the supercharger and check Slip Moment( It was pretty easy with the service manual**Which jerry also recomended**)It was worn and slipping. So I changed the clutch washers(Had to use Rotax RR Cermanic in this Hard to get the better metal washers time)
    Also I took off the front cover and checked if it was rubbing,it wasn't.
    2) I flushed my Riva IC and installed a 1/2 reduced inline filter with a small Pee cup size plactic cup with a Screen filter in which can quickly be unscrewed and cleaned out right before in IC on the water in line.
    3) Change my oil and filter (oil level right between the bends hot)
    4) Added 2 MM to my 15/20R prop.

    It's a different boat,a new boat..

    Thank for all the help..
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    Alex, glad you got your issues solved and im even happier to hear your SC impeller was not rubbing.

    Good job!

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