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    HELP! was stranded today

    I drove for about 10 minutes at about 60mph then when we got to the destination I rode it hard and did about 2-5 minutes of spin outs and circles.

    Then all of a sudden it started spuddering and I couldn't go past 3k rpm.
    I'm pretty sure it wasn't a stick because it didn't feel the same. It usually shakes. It was at exactly 3500 rpm it would make a putter sound like it was loosing power. I have the ski pulled out and looked the intake/impeller up and down and can't see any debris.

    I also have a crankcase venilator installed and it had about 2 cups of oil in it, from 20 minutes of driving !

    Any clues , I'm taking it in tommorow.


    I have the following mods on my rxt.
    2" wedge, riva intake great, 4" air intake to the front suction with overwear pre-filter, 4" drilled intake going into front compartment with overwear prefilter, crankcase venilator oilcatcher, denso ixu-27 sparkplugs.


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    SO rite after u were doing spins jumps and flips and what not this happen???? maybe the TOPS is cliked happen to me last yr once and this yr once i disconnected my battery on the negative side waited a few minutes then all was good... worth a try so long as u looked over the other obvious stuff...

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    Pretty much, I had the high temp go on once but it does that occasionaly after a couple 180 slips. I dealer said it happens when air gets in the pipe where the sensor is.

    Pretty much 5 minutes of spinning and quick turns then I couldn't go over 3500k rpm or it would spudder like it was about to die

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    you probly got the air filter wet I did it 2 and It took a few dry it out then it was back to normal,I nad to ride it and keep it pinned and the
    rpm slowly came back.(I taught I killed it but I was lucky).
    I was also doing spins and stuff.

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    that was my guess as well.... that maybe you got that air intake wet

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    I took it out today just to see.....
    I put on my new crank case breather just for s&g's.
    It ran like a champ. spuddered at first then cleared up.

    I think when I had the other crankcase venilator on the vent clogged up and backed up my crankcase (whatever that does).

    Here is the post of my new crankcase venilator.

    Anyone know if I did any damage with backing up the crankcase, anything I can do or will it naturally clean itself out (I think it has already).

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