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    deep scratches in rxps hull on bottom WHAT to do?

    some are deep other ones are just chips what should i use to fill in ,ive gone to is that all i need or should i start with something else

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    It depends how deep the gouges are. In most cases, you have gone to the right place, for the correct color match. Check the "SUPPORT" link. This is where it has how to do the repair work and will give you an indication of whether or not you need to take it to a hull repair shop. If you are not to concerned about how good it looks, you are more than capable of pretty much doing a permanent repair yourself. Like I said, it depends how deep the scratches or gouges are because they may recommend a different type product to use. I have used their product for minor scratches and have been very pleased.

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    Red Devil.... how does to product get applied for thin scartches? my black hull has a numerous scratches from an incident i accidentally did, haha... not ripped apart or deep... jsut very thin scratches ... long, shallow scratches...

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    search for marine tex grey

    get the big container

    works great!

    put it on with wet fingers and use wax paper to push it in the groove.
    you dont even have to sand it!

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    Here are a couple of links that will make you a pro. Gelcoat can be funny to work with and it depends on what type of finish you want when completed determines on how the work is done. I tend to be a perfectionist with my do and probably go to extremes when it comes to the cosmetics of it. Just read through both links before attempting yourself. You can do it though. I myself do use the 3M products for repairs, pricey, but you get what you pay for. Another important factor is Gelcoat and dry sand paper don't mix. When using, keep that sand paper WET!!

    Sometimes, depending if the scratches have not gone through the Gel, 1000 Grit and the 3M products will bring it back to new. If you are going to use the Gelcote Kit, sanding and polishing will be involved if you do want the new look finish. I usually start with either 400 or 600, the 200 is a little to course for the jobs I have done.

    Read the post by Kevin Leclair

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