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    Just wanted to Thank Mark Underwood

    Mark, thanks, you came through for me!
    Got the SC clutch.
    Now I can wrench the ski this weekend, fix my dock and hopefully get some riding in.

    I do appriciate it bigtime!

    All the best!

    I posted this here because his site is not up yet, but I know he reads here.

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    Mark is one of a few guys that has called me back and took the time to answer my question and is a straight shooter. Thank you Mark. Todd

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    Yes indeed. Mark is one hell of a nice guy. It's great to have him as a member on our forum too. Thanks Mark!!

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    Gotta agree with you all there! Whenever Nils, our tuner, had an issue that needed to be discussed about the mods to the 4 tecs, Mark was always there to help out. A truly great guy!

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