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    Compression on 01 GPR

    I had a 00 xl800 for sale and a guy called and wanted a compression check. It was 110-115. So I desided since I had all the stuff out I would check the gpr. To my suprise it turned out to be 120 front 105 center 105 back. How bad is it? Im very happy with this ski. Im very happy with the performance. Its not breaking any records and Im not looking to but can it really be messed up? I check the compression with the throattle all the way open. My mods for this winter is the jet works,tinytach,and gps, thats it. I plan to do a rebuild or 1390 the winter of 07-08. What should I do? I plan to buy a second ski this winter and dont want to drop a ton on this one this year.
    Here is the current mods,
    D plate
    r&d plate
    intake grate
    Stuffer kit
    13-19 from island racing.
    Im worried the motor is hurt. I do hear it sound like it is missing sometimes between 4-6k rpm. What should I be doing this winter? Reeds? I know its early to be talking winter but I just sold the xl 800 and I wont ride much alone. Besides I got to start on the SRX soon,lol.

    Thanks for any info.

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    What kind of compression gauge are you using?

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    compression gauge

    I think its a sundial or sunmax or something. Its not a big dollar one but it looks like to me it was right on for the 800. I could check it with a high dollar gauge but I dont think its going to matter much. The real deal is that there not all the same. At least I think that is a tell tale? Thanks for any help

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    nobody else has an opion on this

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    My opinion is Yes, you have reason for concern. Your gauge may not be accurate, but 15 psi difference is a problem. Usually one cylinder is lower than the other two, not higher. First I would make sure my battery is fully charged and re-test to make sure that your reading was not a fluke. If you have the same readings then you should pull your head and inspect the 2 cylinders that are reading low.

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