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    R&D Trim tab alignment problem

    Surprising problem encountered while installing the new style flat 1300 R&D trim tabs on my 06gp1300..Right side bolts up perfectly. Left side would not align with hull inserts untill i took off the left side factory sponson. The outer edge of the left trim tab hits and pushes out on the sponson. Upon further investigation the problem is not the R&D trim tabs, they are symmetrical to one another and cast perfectly. The problem is the location of the trim tab inserts in the hull. The left side trim tab inserts are all positioned 3/16 of an inch farther out on the hull, toward the sponson, than the right side is, thus making the trim tab stick out that same amount accordingly. The gap between the trim tab and the ride plate is also 3/16 larger on the left compared to the the gap on the right side. The only fix i see possible is to redrill the mounting holes in the left side trim tab out 3/16 to position it where it should be.. Anyone else had this problem or do i have a ski with the trim tab inserts installed in the wrong spot in the hull on the left side?

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    This has happened before. For example, try getting a rideplate from them that doesn't have a salad bowl dip in the back (manufacture defect).

    You may have to get your grinder out and match the tabs as close as you can on the sides because you need your sponsons to be working properly (tabs too).

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    The only fix i see possible is to redrill the mounting holes in the left side trim tab out 3/16 to position it where it should be.
    Like John said, grind the tabs on the sides so they clear. Take off enough material so that you can shim them down later if needed.

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    If i simply grind the left tab to clear the sponson then i still have a large gap on the left side between the ride plate and the trim tab. The right side which fits perfect has a gap of 1/4 inch, and the gap on the left side would be over 1/2 inch. Any problems you forsee with that? Thanks..

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