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    2003 GP1300R Performance Question

    I have a 03 gpr with 170hrs on it. My mods are riva plate, 1200 grate, pump seal, efi, dplate, freeflow, power filter, waveater, nozzle, and a 13/19 solas prop. My aftermarket tach reads between 7000-7050rpm and my gps is around 65, what might be the problem with this speed and rpm. The ski did between 65-67 with prop, plate, pump seal. Is the prop the wrong pitch or is there something else that could be robbing rpm and speed. The ski runs perfect not one single problem. If you have any clues whats wrong anything would help!!!! Thanks

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    That speed doesn't sound horrible to me with your mods. The EFI may need to be tweaked, your plate and other areas of the pump can be tuned to give you more speed, etc. But, what the EFI and filter have given you the D-Plate, free flow, and summer heat and humidity have probably taken away. Also, with 170 hours your top end might be getting a little tired, and depending on your riding style your crank my have begun to lose index as well. For a stock boat these aren't serious issues, but when modding you boat little things like these can add up to rob you of performance gains.

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    check your pump shoe....factory re-call on weak pump shoe attachment point in hull...will drop down about 30 thousandths and cost you there water in hull....

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    Well like you said about the pump shoe there is always at least some water in the bottom like an inch to half inch and i believe the bilge pump exits water on the right side and while i ride its always running out water. Can anyone pm me the correct way to check for this problem and fix it the correct way so that no more water is in the pump and that i can get my speed. But do you think that the prop could be the wrong pitch or my current prop might be worn out. Thanks so much for your responses to solving my problems!!!!!

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