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    Coolant additive = 20 degrees cooler

    I bought some but it says it works best with all water....

    Does this mean remove all my coolant (green) then put in water.

    Does anyone see this harming anything ?

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    I can not remeber if its called water wetter, or wetter water , but anyways I used to use it in my mustangs I raced and it worked ok, if it is the same stuff you are looking at it is red and comes in a little bottle, I dont see why it would'nt hurt to use it!

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    It wont hurt anything or gain anything unless you like to throw your money away. I tried it last year in my RXP and still using it in my coolant. Never seen any gains.

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    Ya its the water wetter but on the back it says use all water + water wetter for 20 degrees cooler. I have coolant which it I don't think it works with. It's suppose to increase the cooling ability of water...

    Nitro did you put it in with water or just add it to your coolant.

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    ya that is the one thing I forgot to tell you that it works only with water !!

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    you could try it with water alone but you better remember to flush the system before winter sets in or bye bye engine

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    Can you mix water and coolant?

    My coolant is a little low maybe I could add water ?

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    Well, no you can't.

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    Of course you can add water to the coolant. Water can be lost through evaporation, the anti freeze doesn't evaporate. The correct mixture of anti freeze and water gives you the highest boil over temp and anti corrosion properties.


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    Interesting coolant info

    ...still reading

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