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    2004/2005 Gp1300r

    How long in Hours, Miniutes and Seconds can a GP1300R last on one full tank of Gas ,,,, (not a WOT but at normal use i'm suspecting) Reason i ask is becuase..... there's a Sweepstake at the local gas station that ask's that same question and the prize is a Brand New GP1300R so ...any input would be GREAT!!!!!!

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    It burns max fuel consumption at a rate of 16.9 gal per hour. It has a maximum fuel capacity of 15.9.

    At normal riding (hard to define), I would feel safe to say you can ride up until you have to put it on reserve which I would guess to say......3 hours, 17 minutes, 22 seconds on a tank of gas prior to going to reserve.

    This is hard to judge as there are too many variables involved to truly calculate normal riding.

    heck, its just a guess on my part.....I could be waaay off compared to the sweepstakes prediction.

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    Same question but for a GP800R

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