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    XLT1200 help guys?

    I know this is primarily a GP discussion forum and I do own one and read until my eyes are bleeding looking for smart ways to spend my money, but I need some '03 XLT1200 advice. Since the purchase of my '06 GP1300R my wife has been complaining about being left out and having to ride around on the "Big Momma Boat". I usually have my buddy out on the water with us and he has a '03 XPDI and we speed around and just cut up. She used to run by me whenever I took out my SXR800 but I have since got the GP too and now I leave her when I'm riding the new ski. I have read limited info on this site about quick XLT's but not much about how people got there. I don't want an 80MPH boat but something in the mid 60's would be nice. Just looking for advice on what things I should do to the ski. I have seen many different impeller options so looking for what people might think works best. I am going to start with R&D rideplate, grate, and PPK. Now I need to know where to go from there. I was going to just get a RXT but she likes her ski and doesn't want to sell it and since it only has about 25hrs on it I figured why not just upgrade this one. Thanks for any help you experts may be able to offer.

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    I've got a '99 XLL, amost the same boat. All the engine mods you can do to a GPR apply to the XLT. Several places sell Stage II packages for the XLT (Riva, Island Racing, GroupK) that will get you up in the low to mid '60's.

    Something to note about the XLT as opposed to the GPR: you MUST change the intake grate as soon as you start modding the XLT, or you will see your wife headed to one direction while the ski is going another. It's a must-do mod; R&D or Riva sells good ones.

    My suggestions; Intake grate, pump plug kit, Jetworks mod, D plate. Get a new ride plate, R&D or Riva makes some good ones (if you want to spend some more, Island Racing and PWC performance modifies these for more speed and hook up). Change the prop to a Solas 12/18. Rejet your carbs (you can do this yourself, or send them off; I'm about to have a spare set rejetted carbs with a new rebuild kit in them).

    This all will really wake up a XLT, make it run like a stock GPR1200; after that, you can start considering an aftermarket head, or having the stock head milled for more compression. VF3 reeds are said to really bring on the low end and mid range punch (haven't tried them yet).

    Jim from Performance PWC has a '99 XLL that his wife rides, a single piper with no porting that runs around 72mph I think. PM me if you want to know more.

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