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    RXP's are great skis!

    Well, here is my collection of data on the RXP. Yes, it is the fastest out of the crate. Yamaha owned the field for a long time and Kawi stepped up. But SeaDoo took it one step further.

    To be honest with you, the team I rode with in CA on the '03 4 tec's, they handled very well in rough conditions. Mark Underwood of Cal-Jet dealt with our tuner Nils and made sure the mods were correct and worked with Nils to get accurate numbers and Nils response to what Nils was experiencing in racing the in CA ocean. We also dealt with Bill O'Neal. Bill was great as far as giving Nils his knowledge on the set ups and what Bill was obtaining.

    Even though I am a Yamaha lover, I cannot take away from the fact that SeaDoo has done an outstanding job in delivering a great performance ski.

    I still stand behind the GPR but watch out for the RXP and RXT, they're coming to you water soon! I'll be talking to Mark early next week and see what else they have in store for these DOO MONSTERS!! Stay tuned!

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    Thanks Suzan! I find that over time the RXP is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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    I can't believe Suzan said that!!!! I am in a state of shock. big

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    Suzan is just kissing ass because here is the only place she's not banned from.

    But don't worry, she'll stab you in the back as soon as she realises she cannot take advantage of anybody here.

    That is called a pattern, she did it on 6 or 7 sites before.

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