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    Urgent question 2 - NOVIs


    Could someone explain me where throttle wheel would be? On top or on bottom?
    Take a look on images attached.

    As you can see from the pictures, if throttle wheel installed on top of carbs as on stock carbs then all fuel lines, return line and High speed screw are on bottom. Pulse line direction is to bottom too.
    If rotate carbs then the length of throttle is not enough... it is too short and I have to change throttle cable holder to self-made one because this holder is mounted on carb's cover, not from the side of pump but from another.
    I would like fuel lines and high speed screw to be on top and it seems logical. Why Novis make carbs as on pictures? Or they can be differ from mine? How to install carbs in right position?

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    Throttle wheel is on the top of #1 carb and faces up when installed.

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    You bought those novis from phillipgpr didnt you? Those were on my tripple pipe gpr not long ago. They should be jetted perfect and good togo. They are a pain in the ass to install but.. hang on when you squeeze the throttle!

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    The NOVI'S must have dual throttle return springs, dual check valves in the metering blocks also to prevent dribbling at idle. Since they are out of the ski check the filter on the pump side cover to make sure they are free of any debris. Sync of the throttle butterflies is also a must for a clean and crisp holeshot.

    I read somewhere where the use of a single fuel pickup line was in question. It is correct that only one line is more than sufficient to feed fuel to the carbs, but if the single fuel filter becomes clogged with trash you will encounter a lean condition. That is the main reason why we use dual fuel pickups with dual filters. On this particular installation we make sure that the on and reserve pickup tubes in the tank are the same lenght and from the tube they both go directly to the fuel filters ( completely bypassing the on/off/reserve valve) and from there follow the instructions on the following cheesee drawing
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you ALL

    I have Riva triple fuel pickup installed.

    Thank you, I have this picture and I have carbs assembled in the same manner. But as I have written above all fuel lines and (the most important!!!) high speed screw are on bottom of carbs. Furthermore it is very difficult to turn these screws when air filters installed. All of us know that high speed screw is very often used when tuning carbs and I thought that resolve this problem by Novis insatllation. It seems it is not possible to turn HS screws when carbs installed as on picture.

    Furthermore, I do not understand how can I reach nuts which hold carbs on intake manifold if air filters are installed. From other side Prok air filters can not be installed if carbs are in place! They are too high to be moved between carbs and side of hull...

    The problem reslolves easily if rotate carbs but in this case throttle wheel would be on bottom and throttle cable is too short to move wheel.

    I found that there are another vents for HS screws from another side of carb but they are blind. Maybe it is better to unscrew HS and move it on other side? In this case I would have both of HS and LS screws on top.

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