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    could be from sitting (the smoke) i would put it in water or on the hose for sure while you are still checking it out .make sure you have good fuel in it try to run 91 octane or better in the injected motors. there is a link for the owners manual it will answer a lot of questions for you. if it doesnt just ask these guys they help me with my genesis all the time
    p.s if you end up not needing the emm and injectors i believe there was someone on the gen discussion board looking to buy some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jukican View Post
    So, I tried to start it....and it did!

    ...Well, when it started, it smoked a lot so I shut it down.

    I don't have any experience with the FFI. Should I put it in the water to see what happens???

    When I gave it a small shot of fuel, the rpm's increased and stayed high. I don't want to mess with it until I get it in water...
    It started with the Start button, or by jumping the solenoid terminals?

    If the solenoid still isn't working, and the solenoid has a black body color, then buy a new solenoid. The newer design is light brown color, and is more reliable.

    When you say 'gave it a small shot of fuel' do you mean you squeezed the throttle lever?

    Hook it up to the garden hose, so you can run it longer.
    Maximum two minutes on the hose, one minute is better.

    Buy a 3/4" hose barb to garden hose adapter. Disconnect the 3/4" hose from the base of the jet pump. The cooling water feed hose is on the right side of the pump tunnel, when standing behind the ski.

    Connect the garden hose adapter to the cooling hose in the ski, and hook up your garden hose. Do not turn the water on yet.

    When using a garden hose for cooling, the sequence is;
    Engine start (can run for 10-15 seconds without water)
    Then water on
    Maximum two minutes run time, to avoid overheating jet pump seals and bearings
    Water Off FIRST
    Burp engine throttle once or twice to clear excess water out of the exhaust, then shut engine down

    Note: Be sure to have sufficient water pressure and flow from your garden hose to properly cool the engine. Too little pressure/flow may result in uneven cooling of the engine.

    The exhaust smoke should clear up fairly quickly, especially with a couple of firm bursts of throttle. Don't over-rev it, you just want to clear out the exhaust.

    In or out of the water, the idle RPM should be right around 1150RPM, and it should sound smooth, no missing or hiccups.

    When you rev it gently, RPM should increase smoothly and promptly without backfiring.

    Don't forget the basics.
    Make sure the oil hoses are in good shape. No kinks or leaks, or loose/missing clamps.

    Be sure to click the links in my signature, and make sure you read this page.
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