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Thread: RXP wont start

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    RXP wont start

    I went to take my RXP out today, launched it and all and it would not start. It didnt even make a sound like it was trying 2 turn over. All gauges came on and all the normal beeping. Another boater lent me his jump box in case the battery was low but it would still not start. I got it home and tried again and i hear a sound in the front compartment but it does not sound like its even tryin 2 turn over? I just had the 10 hour service done and its been out once since then. Any ideas whats wrong? Im prayin the service place didnt put to little oil in and the engine is seized.

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    update; I tried starting it with the learner key and its starts! It will not start with the regular key. I checked the key for corrosion, sprayed wd40 on the contacts, still does the same, beeps and gauges start but will not start the engine. any ideas?

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    You may have to have your lanyard reprogrammed at the dealer.

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    It happend to me the first day with my new ski. It would start sometimes all the gagges would move and everything just would not beep. I was stuck on the river with out my learning key. I learned to bring that with me now. So after getting towed in with .8 hours on my new ski and 2 hours of being stuck. The dealer informed me that there is a bad batch of DESS keys that is going around. SO they gave me a brand new DESS key and programmed it for my ski. At least you had ur learning key.

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    I bet your dealer just forgot to program it. Happened to me on my 2002 gtx-di. 140 miles from my dealer i'm stuck at the lake with only a learner key. Sucked.

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    im takin it in tommrow, im guessing its a bad key as was posted. The key worked fine the last 3 weeks so it should be programed correctly. Thanks for the advice.

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    he speaks the truth.... tehre is a bad batch of DESS keys straight from the factory....

    i work at a dealership in NY lately with a bunch of guys... At start of season we had about 80 new 05 UNITS....... just about every key wth each ski from the factory goes straight to the pile of other defective DESS keys...

    so every single ski that is prepped and gone over needs a brand new key and needs to be programmed and whatnot... so he ain't tellin a lie and the dealer didn't "forget" to program it... it was in fact defective

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