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    the "other" forum

    excuse me for being a geek but when i watched wrestling back in mid 90 and all the 3 companys picked on each other and refered to each other as --the rednecks in atlanta --- the guys in NY/CT or ----the guys from philly i knew exactly what they ment so i been reading alot on the forum and have seen references to the "other" forum so im assuming its the boys in florida at that yamaha dealer ya gotta love code words

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    Welcome to the Forum Dman2

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    heck no ... thats the sea-doo forum we can't stand, right here on green hulk net..

    (just dont tell anyone i'm a member on seadoo too, lol)

    Most here visit that FLORIDA site daily and still gain by its posted information and purchase their 'proven' speed parts....
    Were just lucky to have Jerry hosting the site's here...and that he has a different out look than most all of the other sites as to how he wants this forum to be..

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    wow i did not know that bacause i had read that if green hulk was said on the florida site the crew was deleting all references to green hulk

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    Welcome to the forum Dman!

    I think i have that problem solved at that other place. We came to a gentlemens agreement and all is well

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