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    Dealing With A Scammer

    I found a guy advertising an 05 RXP on Ebay for $5,500 in a town 30 minutes from where I live. I thought it might be a scam, but I gave it a shot. Here's what I asked:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Frank Cawley []
    Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 8:23 AM
    Subject: RXP

    Do you still have the RXP for sale. Where is Pantego? I'm in Dallas.


    Here is his "pitch" to me:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Dr Phillip Dickey []
    Sent: Mon 7/18/2005 6:11 PM
    To: Frank Cawley
    Subject: RE: RXP

    This is Dr. Phillip Dickey, contacting you about the 2005 Sea Doo RXP
    Supercharger Jet Ski that I had for sale on eBay. As you noticed, the jet ski was priced at $5,500 for a quick sale. I recently bought a new house in Hawaii, and I need to pay in full, shortly. And this is my only solution.
    I closed the auction thinking that I have found a buyer for the jet ski,
    but I didn't. we agreed upon the price of $5,500, and in the last minute he tells me that all he can give me is $4,500, so I dropped any kind of discussion with him. So I took the time to email you to ask you if you are still interested in buying my jet. I will write you all my terms
    from the beginning, and if they are acceptable maybe we can develop a quick deal.
    The jet ski is currently located in Saint Louis, Missouri. I have a cousin
    there, which owns a shipping company. Right now I am in Hawaii at my new residence, and when I left Pantego, Texas last Friday, I asked my cousin to take the jet ski and hold it in his warehouse in Saint Louis, thinking that it will help me with my sale, if the jet ski is in the custody
    of a shipping company ready for delivery to the new owner. For verification purposes, the shipping company I am talking about
    is "US Auto Transports, Inc." - You can check the status of the shipment online with
    this tracking number : 328678. Unfortunately I do not have a cell or home phone here yet. It would have been much easier to talk about this over the phone. I bought this jet ski new in May 2005. The $5,500 selling price also includes a trailer in perfect condition. The jet ski
    is still under warranty until May 2006 and he warranty is transferable to
    the new owner.
    It only has 22 hrs of total use. Everything works good, mechanical and
    electrical; never into accidents, no scratches on the
    body, no hidden defects. I have clear titles for both, jet ski and trailer,
    and can email you a scanned copy, if you'd like.
    No need to comment anymore on the condition of these two items, as they are almost in showroom condition.
    If you are interested in a deal, then I will kindly ask you to send a 50%
    ($2,750) good faith deposit to Square Trade, eBay's escrow company. I am forced to ask for this security deposit, as I do not want to happen what happened with my first client. I am in the process of moving, so all my bank accounts have to move too, and I am also having troubles
    with my paypal account, because I signed in from two different IP addresses. So Square Trade is the only solution for me for
    the moment. And I think it is also a safe method, for both of us. They will
    hold the funds until you receive and inspect the jet ski and give your approval that it is like stated. So in case you find something wrong, you can take your money back from Square Trade. As soon as I have confirmation of payment, I will instruct my cousin to proceed with delivery of the jet ski to your address. The shipping is fully insured and already paid by me, so you won't have to pay any additional taxes when the
    jet arrives to you( I also got a good deal from my cousin regarding
    In case my terms are acceptable, I will need your name and address to start the process with the escrow company. They will
    email you right after with instructions on how to make deposit.
    Thank you for your time and I hope that we'll come to an agreement soon.

    Best regards,
    Dr. Phillip Dickey
    APA-Hawaii Inc. Deputy Executive
    Director for Education

    Now I place my own conditions on the purchase.

    I will buy the ski with one condition. I can only pay with a post-dated four party check drawn on a Delaware bank account. The reason is this. I just got married to a wealthy Dallas aristocrat, and I'm in the process of realizing the proceeds from the sale of a major name Dallas Hotel (You know the name, but I'm not at liberty to give it out just yet). But the holding company requires the funds to be deposited in the state in which the hotel was incorporated which in this case is Delaware. I had to deplete my accounts here in Dallas to cover necessary requirements (repairs and inspections costing in excess of $150,000). But don't worry, the Delaware account will have in excess of $1 million in the next couple of days. I can have the bank manager send you a letter of committment which they do for me regularly. I am looking forward to buying your ski. I don't know much about these craft, but it looks very nice. Please get back to me if these conditions are satisfactory to you.

    I haven't heard back from him yet. But if I do, does anyone want to volunteer to be my "bank manager?"

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    Frank, your response to him is PRICELESS!!!!

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    Very well done, maybe a little over the top, but funny as hell.

    I love to see these scammers get a taste of their own medicine.

    I personally like to lead them along as long as possible to waste as much of their time as possible.

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    What a deal that was !!!! I found out that the doctor had 3 RXPees available, so I scoffed them all up !! Just wired my deposits to him.


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    You could also have asked him "so it's 5 1/2?" ok I western union it to you, you give him all the infos, the transaction code number and all but you just send 5.5$

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    Hi Guys!
    Me and a friend of mine are about to buy a boat for the upcoming fishing season. We had a look at good old eBay and found a really interesting boat...
    I had some e-mail conversation with the seller. It all seamed a bit peculiar, so I googled a bit for "" and found this thread. I just had to join this forum to be able to post a reply. Here goes:

    A reply from


    Thank you for your inquiry about my boat. Unfortunately I took it off eBay thinking that I've found a serious buyer but the deal didn't go through. So here am I asking you if you're still interested in buying my 2003 TRACKER PRO-GUIDE V-16.

    My name is Kent Stevens and I will write you all my terms of sale from the beginning hoping that we can close a quick deal. I am a scenic photographer from Purcellville, VA but right now I am out of the country working for a new project in Pompeii, Italy to investigate the natural causes in which the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano took place. I will be stuck here and on the continental Italy for the next two weeks.

    My schedule is very hectic for the moment, as I am also in the process of moving to another town, where I intend to start my own business. This justifies the cheap selling price for my boat. I am very short with the money, and I won't have time to enjoy my boat anymore so it has to go. My loss will be your gain.

    As soon as I get back home I will need some cash, so I decided to advertise my boat on eBay hoping that I will find a buyer by then. The boat is in my garage in Purcellville, VA and as soon as I will arrive there I will be available for pick up or delivery. I can ship the boat to your door for free, as I have a cousin which owns a shipping company, and he will gladly do me this favor. Shipping will be fully insured and a tracking number will be provided. If you want to speed up the process, I think I can find a solution to ship out the boat, so you won't have to wait until I get back to the states.

    Regarding payment, if you're ready to buy my boat, I will kindly ask you to send the entire amount, meaning $2,980 to eBay’s escrow company. They will hold the funds until you inspect the boat and give your approval that it is just like stated. So in case you find something wrong with it, you can ask for a refund from eBay.

    But I assure you that this won't be the case. The boat is in excellent condition, with no damages or hidden defects. The title is clear and I can send you a scanned copy to check it out, or if you need financing. You have my word that you won’t be disappointed in this boat.

    Due to my present circumstances I cannot accept other payment method for the deposit and I think that an escrow company recommended by eBay is the best solution for the both of us. Let me know what you think.

    If you have any other question about the boat, feel free to ask by email.

    In case my terms are acceptable, I will need your name and address to start the process with the escrow company. They will email you right after with instructions on how to send the deposit.

    Thank you for your time and I hope that we'll come to an agreement soon.

    Best regards,

    Kent Stevens

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it...? Need I say we didn't buy that specific boat?


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    Looks like google is finally indexing the contents of the threads!

    Glad we were able to help you!

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    Man, I forgot all about that scammer. He never did get back to me. I wonder if it was the 4 party check requirement that killed the deal

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    I had a lady with the same exact stories trying to sale a 32 formula for 28k she said it was in a warehouse in atlant close to where i live but could not see it till i deposited money into escrow. Well i gave her my term i would drive dually to warehouse with a cashiers check give to her son and after boat is hooked to truck. Never heard back from her

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    Sorry, I forgot. Of course I'm greatful for finding this thread. Thanks!

    I know that my english might not be the best around, but I thought that I made myself quite clear in my answer to "the seller".
    However, here is my reply:

    From: Björn Hellenius []
    Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 1:41 PM
    To: Kent Stevens
    Cc: Håkan Jobb
    Subject: Re: Tracker boat

    Hi there Kent!

    This sounds really great! Do you really mean that you will ship the boat for free all the way to Sweden? Exceptionally generous of you!

    By the way, is Dr. Phillip Dickey a friend of yours?

    Have a nice time in Italy!

    Best regards/

    Bjorn and Hakan, who will buy their boat elsewhere...

    And his...:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I guess we have a deal!

    I will instruct eBay about our deal and they’ll send you a email about the payment instruction. Regarding the shipping we will figure something when the boat arrives in Sweden…..Dr. Phillip Dickey is not a friend of mine. Please email me back if you agree my terms.

    Regards, Kent

    What do you guys suggest, shall I go for it???


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