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    Did you guys know to soak the Clutches prior to instalation

    Just read this on the Riva boards and that is the first I ever heard of this.
    FunSunzoom on the Riva board wrote "Did you upgrade the SC clutches to the Rotax Racing HD units? If so, did you oil them (as in soak) them prior to installation?" "The service manual says you should oil the needle bearings and gear and washers (basiclly the entire clutch assembly) with motor oil prior to installation as you assemble each part.
    They do mention using Kuber isoflex grease on the ceramic washers, but I just oiled them as I installed them.
    This prevents dry startup and it may take a some time for oil to work its way between the ceramic washers and the drive gear.
    Ceramic can shatter if it gets to hot and lack of lubrication for a very short time would do that."

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    Yes, i always oil mine up when assembling.

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    There's also some kind of grease called Isoflex that's supposed to be applied?

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