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    85.6 mph in the 95 degree heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Less than 6 months ago when I started my GPR project my goal
    was to be running 85 mph by this fall with just simple bolt on parts
    and a stock untouched OEM hull and to use a bone stock out of the box
    14/20 Dynafly. I also wanted to keep the stock oem carbs and oil injection. The 1300 motor was to be kept stock on the bottom end
    and cylinders would remain stock expect for me to raise the exhaust
    port timing to work better with the triple pipes. My time porting the cylinders were only about 20 to 30 minutes on each one. This was more
    of a trial and error since the past 3 years I have only worked with
    Seadoo cylinders. I don't consider myself a hull expert, so I have left
    the hull completely stock, it has never even been sanded, and does have
    some spots that need to be touched up. A use a stock Riva 1300 head
    and I use a set of stock triple pipes and a stock water box. My R&D ride plate is just a bolt on plate from Jim with Fernanado package plate. There
    are no shims in place, just bolt up and ride. I wanted to make the setup simple and keep cost down. I learned from the last 3 years working on my XPL, that sometimes just the most simple combo with the correct parts can make a ski produce great speed and acceleration. One of my biggest problem was overcoming the (buck) or the pump overstuffing. With the recent trash talk it gave me the addition motivation I needed to solve this problem and to continue making my ski faster. From what I have learned in the past few weeks it will make my goal of running faster much easier this fall, and I have set my goal now to reach Riva's world record run before the end of this year. I believe I'm looking at around 1 to 1.5 mph gain when I get my stock prop repitched correctly. I also made
    a video on one of my runs this week. I believe I'm loosing up to 1 mph or more due to my weight. With my video camera and equipment I weighed in right at 250 pounds. To prove a point on how stable a ski can be made at speed with the correct ride plate setup, the video run that I have posted was with a bolt on Jim's plate with no shims and no trim tabs. Yes, I said NO TRIM TABS. There is no buck or bounce at 85 mph. This combo will be my own package setup that has not been released yet. I found with the proper tunning of some key components this type of speed and handling can be found on a stock OEM hull. For now this info will not be release until more testing, tweeking and faster speeds have been reached. At this time it is only being shared by people that have been kind enough to share there info with me and together we will continue to make the setup even better. Safety at these speeds will remain the most important issue. One key item that I have been able to produce is to be able to run only .4 tenths slower on my ski using a 1200 grate. This is a big gain and I will continue to improve on the setup. Well here is the short video run that I made. Enjoy. Listed below are my current mods.
    Ben Herman

    2000 GPR Stock hull
    Stock bolt in 1300 motor. Riva Head, increase port timing for triples
    Stock oem carbs and oil injection, with my tweeking
    Fernanado VF3 reed setup
    Triple pipes, my special reverse cooling setup and water routing
    Stock out of the box 14/20 Dynafly, 8100 rpms, 85 mm nozzle
    Fly's air filters
    Jim's/Fernanado package plate R&D with Skegs
    R&D Ingition
    Fernanado's 3 degree keyway
    Hermanator/Fernando (Unreleased) speed handling package
    800 or 1200 grate

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    Sweet Numbers!!! One of these days i need to get my ski to you and see if you can find my missing RPM's. The motor was your old baby anyways, so you know it best! Later!


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    congratulations you are flying!! it's amazing how much you don't have on the ski and what you've done.

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    Ben let me put my 175lbs on it and go 86mph
    Simply Awesome Way to go!
    Your hard work tuning pays off.

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    nice flat water run Ben..........

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    good numbers Ben Herminator!!

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    Great work ! Even better results !

    Can't wait to add a GPR to my stable.

    I am a firm believer in the KISS theory that aerospace legend Lockheed Martin used to operate by.

    Keep It Simple Stupid.

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    Great numbers Ben!!!!!!!

    Its to be noted that Ben is using stock carbs, and the infamous Jim's plate!!!!! Ben has taken this Setup/J-plate to a different level!!!

    I should have them NEW reeds cages and intake grate in hand this week!!!! I think that we will see better numbers!!!!

    One more think that I wanted to post is that we have surpassed last years top end numbers on the 1300 (84mm pistons) category. Last year at mudbug the package skis did not surpass 77.6 MPH, this year we saw 79+ MPH. We have accomplish a lot this year from everything that we have learned from others. New parts are waiting in my bench and WFO's that will be tested that should take us to new heights!!!!

    GPR EFI is also evolving behind close doors, regardless of what some skeptics want to belive diminishing the potential of fuel injection. I am still a fan of carbs but will not play blind the potential of EFI.

    Once again great numbers BEN!!!!!! Its nice to see another tuner taking what he has learned from all of us and making that setup evolve even more!!!

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    wOw, that is truly impressive BEN !!! Way to go !

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    Got to like that!

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