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    XLT1200 Protec Ride Plate & Intake Grate feedback please

    anyone out here using a protec plate and grate on a xll or xlt?

    looking for some feedback on either or both if used as such

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    I had the Protec ride plate on mine. Can't compare it to a stock plate, since it was on my ski when I got it. I've since replaced it with a Riva plate with Jims mod. I can say that I like Jims plate much better, I believe I had about a 2 mph gain over the Protec plate with it, the hull really seems to come out of the water with it, and seems a much more solid ride.

    You would think the Protec would be faster; it matches the shape of the hull with a nice "V", where the Riva has this flat spot it rides on with a huge drop off after the pump shoe. I never did experiment much with shimming it.

    If you want to try the Protec, I'll send it to you, and if you want to keep it you can pay me for it or do some trading.

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    i ordered a new plate and grate to do some experimenting....PM me and let me know how much you want for your plate....i can easily send the new one looking to increase stability riding double...not so much on top end.

    curious to hear how your ski rides in rouch water double up.

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