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    RXP 10 hr

    Hey All I am new to the Site i have an new 05 rxp and i have been hearing not to take it in for the 10 hr service .. just wanted to know what everyone thought... and if anyone knows if I dont will it void any warranty

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    Buy an oil boy and change the Oil yourself! Change the Oil Filter and check for metal shavings in the oil filter. Also check your O rings and check all nuts and bolts to make sure everthing is tightened up! I did mine at 15 hours, but I would strongly suggest changing it between 10-20 mark! Or you can just take it to the dealer and pay high dollar for your 10 hr service! BTW the oil boy can be brought at West Marine or Overtons! Good Luck!

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    It won't void your warranty! It's just Sea-doo's recommendation that you have it done!

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    Go to the dealer and have the service done or deal with the "maintanance warning" for the next 100 hrs. or whenever you decide to go to the dealer so he can clear it with BUDS (His computer).JMO

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    Here's what's supposed to be done during the 10 hour maint.

    -Replace engine oil and filter
    -inspect engine support and rubber mount
    -inspect seals and fasteners
    -inspect exhaust system fasteners
    -inspect cooling system hoses and fasteners
    -inspect fuel injection system sensors
    -inspect fuel lines, connections, pressure relief valve and fuel system pressurization
    -inspect throttle body, sensors, fuel lines fuel rail and fittings
    -inspect air intake silencer fit/tightness
    -inspect fuel tank straps
    -Inspect electrical connections and fastening (ignition system, starting system, fuel injectors etc.)
    -inspect Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS) and safety lanyard/post
    -inspect monitoring beeper
    -inspect battery and fasteners
    -inspect steering cable
    -inspect OPAS system
    -inspect reverse shifter/cable
    -inspect VTS (variable trim system)
    -inspect Ride Plate including coolant leak
    -inspect drive shaft/hull sealing system
    -inspect bailer pick-ups, check for obstructions
    -inspect hull

    Along with this the dealer is supposed to pull a report from the MPEM/ECU to see how you went about breaking in the engine.

    I personally recommend getting the service done so you will have less warranty headaches later down the road. But if you feel comfortable inspecting these items and know what to look for, have at it.

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    What do dealers normally charge for this 10 hour service?

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    It cost me about $110 dollars. I took mine in with like 15 hours on it. Dealer said wait till u get close to 20. Lets say was longest 15 hours of my life.

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    the norm is 2 hrs labor plus parts (oil, filter and a couple o-rings)

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    Here is how the typical dealer does the 10 hour service; Pumps out oil from engine, doesn't bother cranking engine over to get all the oil out. Changes filter and then overfills the oil because he thinks it should take what his manual says it takes. He doesn't realize that he didn't get all the oil out with the pump. Gives a quick visual inspection to satisfy everything else on the "check" list. 10 hour Service completed !! My it yourself and be sure it's done right.


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