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    Extrude Hone, and Jet Hot Group Package Deal

    I have spoken with both places about their services.
    First would be Extrude Hone they will port the exhaust port or ports in the manifold, then they will clean the water transfer ports up.

    This will give a little better flow for the water and exhaust.
    They do not want to go to radical just clean and polish and do away with all of the slag associated with a cast part.

    Jet Hot will then coat the internal exhaust port to hold in as much heat as possible. This they claim will lower engine temperatures by keeping up to 40% of the radiated heat from going into the water jacket. After inspecting they may want to do the internal water passages as well.
    Then the piece will be vibratoraly polished in a liquid vat to get the shinny color that it has.
    After this process the outside can be done in a (Black Body Emitter) to help dissipate heat away from the outside of the manifold.

    The cost with approx 10 people would be around $250 for both services with no shipping included and turn around would be about a week at each place. Any other parts could be done at the same time. Maybe the IC pipes, exhaust pipes, and muffler could be done.

    They just need a list of people that are interested when the time comes.
    We will get a temporary account name to post on all parts to get the discount. It was about 50% lower than just one person. Set up time is basically gone hence the great discount.

    So who thinks they may be interested, I think another 6 weeks from now would be about right.

    If enough interest I will start to get all of the ducks in a row for us.

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    I might be intersted. Keep me informed.

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