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    Who's Good With 95 Waveraider? Its out of Control!

    I was at the ramp with my buddy today and his problem was keeping us from riding, and holding people up at the ramp. Since he has had the 95 waveraider 1100, he has had very weird idle trouble. The ski runs great all day. The only thing is if he has his idle set too low the ski won't start and it if it does it will stall. He has a 5mph idle and is tossing a ridiculously embarrising wake throught the now wake zone and everyone gets pissed at him. The ski runs so good but it just won't run unless the idle is set the way it is. It is so inconveinient because when he has it out of the water to flush it, it is screaming like at 5000 rpms. But in the water the resistance stalls the motor. He has to turn down the idle to flush it, and turn it up to ride it. What is the problem? Thanks for any help. I am an all seadoo guy, but I registered over on this side of the site to help out my best friend. I've been on Jerry's site since thanks Giving. I love looking at all of the cool videos and pictures you guys have over here. Oh and just out of curiousity, I GPS'ed his waveraider at 58.7 today. That thing was a blast! It carves like nothing I've ever ridden before! Thanks so much! Charlie

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    Welcome to the Forum !!

    We have a few Raider specialists.... they will be here to help you soon.


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    Thanks! I just don't want my friend to get us in trouble anymore in the no wake zones. Its basically, 5mph, about one foot wake, idle. That is the only way it stays running. Thanks again! Charlie

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    Hello welcome to the forum Charlie....."LUV THEM RAIDERS".......while it is on the hose make sure the throttle blades are closing on ALL 3 carbs, one or even 2 could be not closing all the way, it can hang on a gasket or the carbs be out of adjustment on THERE base, I have an easy way to adjust all 3 to snap at the same time..............
    The other thing to check is to see if the carbs are dribbling at idle, but i really would check to see if the blades are closing all the way, getting them all sync'ed can be a pain, if the wrong screw is turned it will set the rack completly off.let us know ................ the 58.7 is right on the money for stock, good running Raider

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