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    ok took it out with above changes and started stalling in about 10 minutes this time. So I checked the compression (110psi) all cylinders and then I checked the fuel pump pulse to each pump which jumped from about 7 inches vacuum to 4 psi pressure while cranking. Since it acted up so soon this time I thought maybe it had something to do with me setting the carbs richer. I checked lines which showed no signs of being plugged then I took out the fuel filter and just put in a straight through pipe. This made it start and run fine and drove ski the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday with no problems. This filter I had put in was Just a standard inline clear plastic filter and I now have a genuine kawasaki one coming to see if that is all my problem was. The thing is I can blow right through this filter with very little resistance felt. Any thoughts?

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    auto fuel filter cannot be used in marine applications. they do not flow fast enough. i have read about that before

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