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    Jetworks mod for the 800

    Just wanted to let the 800 guys know that I have spoken to Art at Jetworks and there is an adapter plate that he sales to use in conjunction with the Jetworks Valve. So yes the Jetworks mod can be done on an 800 Ski. He is sending the parts this week.
    Here is the Reply to the email I had sent.
    We have a billet adapter that bolts up to the tail cone of the pipe
    and allows for intallation of one of our flow control valves. What you
    have to do is install a hose section from this adapter to the water
    You might have to step up a hose diameter because the hoses are
    different diameter that is at the stinger end and the water box.
    We never came out with the kit because the 800 motor was used in so
    many hulls and yet they werer not that popular. We have done some
    installations ourselves using high temp silicone hose and a short
    of aluminum tubing .
    If you are interested in taking this job we can sell you the billet
    adapter set up which is just the pieces that bolt on to the stinger
    section for 49.95 and you will still need the flow control valve. This
    set up well . A 800 gp would be equal to a slightly modded gp 1200
    (impeller, reeds, headmill, air filters) only in the top speed did the
    1200 start to pull away, It would take at least 100 yards before it
    started to pass it.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Thank you

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    hey dude

    i got a gp800 and what mod might this be, im keen to find anything at the moment to get mine moving a lil quicker.Only new to the modifiying so go easy on me! You got any ideas etc for a 800.


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    mods to 800

    Pm me, or drop me an e-mail at: I've been modding my 800 since '99 and have quite a bit of advice on that motor as well as old style GP hulls.

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