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    solas impeller wont be in till Monday the stock might.......

    Just call and UPS wont have my impeller at my house untill Monday. No Saturday drop offs. O Well the weather will be nice this weekend mid 80's i wont to ride so it looks like I might haove to put the stock impeller back on to get me threw the weekend. I dred what it will be like with ut the strong pulling power of the solas. i am runnin ghte Riva Sgate one - the wedge, the OPAS block offs and Sponsons.

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    jr i thought u did the impellar ?? im gettin confused with everyone mods

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    Yep I did do the impeller in stock form. Now that I have the Power filter fomr Riva I had to have the solas repitched once more. I was hopping to have it back today but no such luck. Stock form the solas would run a stron 69-70 on gps on my ski at 8150rpm. When I added the Filter last weekend I still saw the same top speeds, the same wicked accleration at the same 8150rpm. Rpms need ot ocme down to about 8100 and i hope to see a solid 71 all day with a full tank when I get it back. My mods befor the filter were

    Riva Grate
    Riva Sponson
    OPAS Block offs
    repitched impeller
    70.5 @ 8150rpm
    With some strong acceleration

    I also added the Denso (#27 cooler) plugs.
    I should be ok to run the stock impeller this weeked and put the solas back on Monday when it comes back.

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    Maybe we should all post our mods as a signature as a sort of "requirement."

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