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    Polaris 1200 Genesis

    My oil light blinks at idle then goes away while i'm riding.Sometimes blinks while riding too.Can anyone tell me what to look for?? Thanks

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    Genesis Low Oil indicator blinks on at low RPM

    Quote Originally Posted by mikecabot46
    ...I have a 2002 1200 Genesis.

    The oil light blinks on and off mostly at an idle.
    any ideas what to look for?
    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals.

    Please do not post the same request multiple times, or in multiple forums. The proper place for a query such as yours is in the Polaris General Discussions section.

    I presume the MFI display is showing a Low Oil message at the same time the red LED is blinking. Are you seeing any other messages on the display?

    Are all other display functions working correctly? Fuel level, RPM, voltage?

    I suggest you look for a loose electrical connection in the wiring between the MFI display and the oil tank level sender. The oil level wires are blue and black.

    The wiring diagram is on page 356 of the 2002 service manual (for a carb'ed Genesis).

    Check every connection point for corrosion, looseness, or possibly a wire that is broken inside the insulation (this can happen near the wire ends, or if the wire has been pinched somewhere).

    If that doesn't fix it, then it is possible the oil level sender itself is failing. You can try testing it with an ohm-meter. 33 ohms means tank is full, 240 ohms means tank is empty. The reading should be consistent and stable, even with the engine vibration.

    If you need to replace the oil level sender, I suggest you contact John Zigler for a good used replacement.

    The part number for the oil level sender is 2410131 (Item 8 in the attached diagram). The same part was used on Polaris Genesis, Virage, and MSX 140 models from 1999-2004.
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