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    xll 1200 bogs and dies

    I was in the process of breaking in my rebuilt 66v engine. First time out, idled on trailer to warm up. took ski out for 30 minutes varing throttle up to 20% ski seemed to run fine. shut ski off and let cool down for 45 minutes. Start ski up idle out of cove and when i try to give it a little gas it seems to bog and die. does this three times and finnally i feather the throttle enough that it finally clears out enough and seems to run fine. could it be fuel leaking past one of the needle and seats as ski sits?

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    xll 1200 bogs and dies

    Took ski out for second time and ran another 30 minutes and ran fine. stop engine and inspected plugs and seem to be running rich on all three. running 32 to one premix. started ski back up after 30 minutes and ski does exactly the same thing. stumbles and dies . Did this three times and finnaly feather throttle enough to clear it out and ski would run fine. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this?

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    xll 1200 bogs and dies

    Going to rebuild carbs to see if this solves the problem. Do i need to clean or rebuild accel pump? Anything else i need to look at while i have it apart? One more question, why did yamaha put carbs on that you cant adjust?

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    I just had the top end rebuilt on my GP1200 '99. I had done a couple things over the winter (aluminum head, K&N Flame arrestors, switch to premix, primer setup, Solas XO impeller) and it didn't run quite right even after rejetting the carbs. Sounded just like what is happening with yours, once it did get going it went and went GREAT! Topped out at about 66MPH on the gauges. It would bog though and die at low speed so I adjusted the low speed screw on the carbs with little affect. I adjusted the idle screw and that actually had a lot more effect than the low speed screws. Now, it runs great from the get go, really jumps up and goes but top speed on the gauges now is 61MPH. I'm baffled why idle adjustment would affect top speed?!?!

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    xll 1200 bogs and dies

    Carb kits finnally got here. What kind of pop off pressure should i have? I am using stock 1.2 needle and seat and gold spring. Everything is stock on ski. I am getting pop off readings of 82 psi. Could this be causing the problem? How much can lower pop off Without hurting performance and causing the ski to load up?

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