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    Pressing on driveshaft

    I just received my 05 pump . I pressed the driveshaft into the stator and all seemed well. I went to install the D/F and it isnt threading on all the way without rubbing on the stator.

    Could i have pressed the driveshaft on too far?

    Also, When i turn the assembly upside down and then right side up, i hear what sounds like a bearing moving around inside of the stator.

    Any ideas?

    THanks, Will

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    Something rattling around in the pump is definitely not good. Did you press the front bearing onto the driveshaft then the whole assembly into the pump, or have the bearings in place and press the driveshaft in? Since the spacer only braces the outside race of the bearings and provides no support for the inside race of the font bearing pressing the driveshaft in with the bearings already in place can easily damage them. Regarless, if there's something loose in there it's time to start disassembling the pump.

    The problem with your prop could just be the nut on the end of the driveshaft being tightened too much.

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    Thanks for the reply. The Drive shaft was in about .020 Too far. Just enough to cause the binding. I have to pull it all back apart now and see what the bearings are doing in there. They were pressed in prior to the driveshaft install. I hope they are alright..


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    Check your manual. There is a depth spec. on the driveshaft. Unfortunately the bearings MUST be in correctly before you can setup the driveshaft.

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    Hey, Thanks for the call WFO. Its ready to go now. Smooth as silk. I'm dying to get it on the water to see the difference.

    Amazing that 20 thousands threw me off that much..

    Thanks , Will

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