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    Throttle plate #

    My apologies for all the goofy questions while I rebuild this pig.

    I bought a throttle shaft rebuild kit from Riva for my stock GP1200R carbs because I messed one up when I was rebuilding them. The stock carbs have a #150 plate and the one I got from Riva has a #120 plate. Anyone know if this will make a huge difference in performance? It appears that the #120 plate has slightly less bend in it than the #150 plates do. I believe I was able to correct for this as best as possible while synching the throttle butterflies. Think I could just leave the #120 on and I'd be OK?

    Unfortunately there is nothing in the Super BN tuners manual about the throttle plates that I could find.

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    very big diferents the lower performance will change since the 120 will affect totally a diferent bypass holes on the carbs

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    Any idea where to get the O.E spec #150 plate? I red loctited the throttle plate screws on so I'll probably end up needing another frickin shaft too.

    I swear...this this is driving me over the top!

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