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    aggresor sponsons

    has anyone ran them on a gpr? I have only seen on person running the on a stxr and his boat handles pretty good.

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    Don't know about a GPR but LawRacing ran them on his Ultra 150 and now runs them on his RXP and loves them.

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    I'll put this as delicately as I know how....

    IMHO they are not very good. They were NOT drilled/fitted very well, and did NOT line up on the hull holes. They are very very dependant on the holes, and if they are off, you better have a drill press and some time on your hands to get everything to fit.

    Once you get them on, then you notice that the angle of the blades is pitched inwards, since the backing plate is toooooooooo shallow for the side-angle of the hull.

    On the water, they are not even in the water at slow speeds, which gives a wonderful bucking motion. It's like a little pogo stick for your gpr. At high speeds, the hull must lean WAAAY over to grab. Not a great combo IMHO. At 35-55mph the bucking is almost uncontrollable.

    YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. Total waste of money to me. I took the bolts out and RIPPED THE CANCER FROM MY HULL.

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