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    do you guys carry insurance on your ski's

    just curious as to how many people carry full or liability only insurance on their skis...i have liability w/uninsured watercraft 222 bucks a year on my 2003 gpr

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    Never have, due to the fact that most of the insurance companies that i have seen will only cover cosmetic damage and none to the 10K in Motor Mods done to the ski.

    So by the time that you hit something or are hit by someone else, you have just spent in 12 months what it would have cost to get a brand new hull anyway in most situations. And you still lose the expensive motor.

    The only benefit that i see with having any insurance on a pwc would be to cover any medical bills that may come up due to an accident. Then they drop you like a bad habit.

    I know this is bad, but i just take my chances and try to be aware of my surroundings and any idiots that may be nearby. Never had a problem so far.

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    Some do, and some don't in OZ.

    ln my case l have liability cover for $1,000,000 OZ, about $700,000 US.
    A million is the max l could get, but still may be not enough if by chance l hit a person and really damaged them---God forbid.
    But a mill. is better than nothing if the worst happened.
    lt would fix the other ski, but not mine.

    Hard to get liability only here, you have to be very clean, with no insurance problems or serious past history.

    ln 14 years have never had an issue, and as ABBOTT says just be very aware of your surroundings ALL THE TIME, and keep out of the way of trouble.

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    I have full coverage. Ill have to look at what my limits are. I know that it covers 5000 for replacement. I only pay 197 a year through state farm.

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    I'm with Myth, got State Farm and I'm paying about the same. Won't pay for all the mods I've done to it, but then again hopefully I could pull any parts I wanted off. Biggest reason I keep it is that I'm dragging it all over the nation behind the car.

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