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    SO your Cat convertor failed. WHat kinda of performance ?

    Hey all,

    Got the wonderful 'overheat' warning this last weekend, and decided since I was tearing my boat down for some new gelcoat, I would pull teh exhaust, sure enough the cat was lodged way down in teh tube....

    I have been wondering about my performance lately, what sort of decrease in performance would you expect from a basically plugged exhaust? It still felt strong in the water, but I just added a bunch more stuff this month to it.


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    your going to have to fix that before running anymore. You are going to see a good bit of difference all around. No equations for this topic. May as well put the d-plate in.

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    If you want cat cons, I have 2 with under 20 hours on each.

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    I planned on replacing it with a D plate, ordering one tomorrow. I am just curious how much power I was losing, it had to be killing power the way it was lodged in there. But oh well Guess I will know this weekend assuming it shows in time.


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    go jam a potato in car tail pipe,see how it run's (I would tell you to use
    next door nabors car not your own, BUT rx951 get mad at me SO DON"T DO THAT!!)
    later cd

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    I lost 600 rpms when my cat con let go.

    Every now and again, the pieces would shift and my exhaust would open back up and I would regain about 400 rpms. It was never right until I pulled all of the pieces out of the pipe..... including my waterbox where I found a piece lodged.

    Put the "D" plate in a be done with it.

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    When my cat con failed i drastically lost rpm's and i couldn't get over 61-62. Mine was clogged though, luckily it hadn't broken yet. It was getting ready to let go though. You could see where it was beginning to break loose.
    Here's what mine looked like.

    Hope this helps somehow.

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